The world evolves – how about the way you lead?

The last couple of years have shown the essence of self-leadership for any organization: as fixed structures collapse and the roles of individuals become driving forces, the entire concept of leadership must be redefined.

”A company that wants to succeed in today’s world of remote working and eternal change can’t be led top down”, Kaj Hellbom, CEO at BCI Business Coaching Institute says.

“Leadership must take place collectively – within small networks and at every level of the organization.”

This approach applies not only to every organization but also to every department, business area – and stage of lifecycle.

Hellbom challenges startups, for example, to pay more attention to developing leadership already at the beginning to ensure a solid structure and systematic way of leading. While this may sound unnecessary in the beginning, things change soon as growth begins.

“The sooner a leadership culture that genuinely reflects the company’s mission and values is created, the better it can serve the purposes of various functions in the long run”, Hellbom emphasizes. “As the core skills improve and competence grows, the culture becomes so strong that it can withstand even the inevitable changes in personnel.”

Business coaching is an efficient way to take change forward and turn it into competitive advantage. Working closely together with leaders, challenging them to commit to change and making timely, educational interventions help establish the kind of mindset that soon becomes both an asset and a pull factor, both when it comes to employees and customers.

Speaking of customers, sales is one of the areas where business coaching can also make a significant difference. As sales is heading towards a more interac tive and participatory approach as a function, management by coaching is required to establish an atmosphere that encourages dialogue.

While business coaching is widely recognized as a concept, organizations still seem to shy away from making the most of all the opportunities it can enable.

Kaj Hellbom points out that at best, business coaching is a lasting investment that builds strong structures and practices: the kind that root deep and keep developing and helping the company thrive for a long time.

“Our job is not to create relationships of dependence. Our job is to help organizations discover their own strengths and give them wings to fly.”

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