We train coaching skills for the benefit of the work life

Coaching expertise provides a humane tool for leadership, development, supporting learning, and interpersonal interaction.

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BCI is the largest coaching educator in Finland and an active development community in the field

Over 400 students annually

In our certification training, over 400 students enroll annually. We organize approximately 20 open coaching courses and numerous organization-specific trainings each year. High quality, researched knowledge, professional trainers, and a warm atmosphere are the foundations of our training.

15 years as a pioneer in the coaching industry In Finland

We have been a developer and pioneer in the business coaching industry since 2006, for over 15 years. BCI is a pioneer in the coaching industry in Finland. Our operations are based on internationally certified training programs and common standards, adapted to the Finnish culture.

2000 alumni actively involved in our activities

Over the years, approximately 2000 individuals have completed the Certified Business Coach, CBC Master, or Certified Executive Coach programs leading to certification. Upon completion, there is an opportunity to join our alumni community, where meetings, training sessions, and webinars are organized.

Coaching skills bring results

LEADERSHIP – PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT – COMPANY CULTURE – IN YOUR OWN CAREER How to approach another person in a way that opens up something new in the conversation? Coaching skills are becoming increasingly important in the changing workplace. Business coaching has become a popular method for personal and organizational development worldwide, as it has been found to positively impact well-being, adaptability to change, self-management, satisfaction, learning, and work commitment. Join us to learn coaching skills and enhance your expertise!

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Train to become a workplace coach!

Explore our open coach training programs! Our most popular program is the Certified Business Coach® training, which has been attended by over 2000 individuals. The purpose of all our training programs is to promote coaching expertise, good leadership, and appreciative interaction. Through coaching skills, we aim to create a sustainable foundation for growth and a flourishing work environment!

Coaching skills are needed in the future workplace!

Coaching expertise aims to bring out an individual’s strengths and potential. Coaching leadership is one of the key elements for a positive change in workplace culture. The result is a thriving, goal-oriented, and self-directed organizational culture. We have had the pleasure of conducting hundreds of organization-specific coaching sessions and processes for individuals and teams.

What do our customers say?

Coaching training initiates positive changes in participants and organizations! The customer experience is of paramount importance to us, and we invest in the quality and impact of our training. Our clients include individuals and companies of all sizes from across Finland. Through interviews and case stories, you can read about the experiences and insights of our students.

Let’s create a better work life!

Business Coaching Institute is a Finnish company specialized in coaching skills training and developing coaching expertise in organizations. It is an active community dedicated to industry development and is the largest coaching educator in Finland in terms of student numbers. BCI is known for its strong expertise, understanding of the working life, and high-quality training programs. Join us in creating positive change in individuals and the workplace! Train to become a business coach or a specialist in coaching skills with us at BCI!

Learn coaching skills, it’s worth it!

In what situations do you need coaching skills? How do you want to develop in your work?

Coaching expertise provides practical tools for engaging with people, enhancing communication, leadership, and skill development. Explore our open training sessions and join us to learn! We offer high-quality advanced and supplementary training for coaches and coaching professionals. You are warmly welcome to join!

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Certified Business Coach®

What do our customers say?

Would you like more information about our training or services?