Business Coaching compared to other forms of guidance

How does business coaching differ from other development methods?

The terms “coaching” and “training” may be used in many different ways in different situations.
However, by its original nature, coaching is always about discussion, questions and exercises
through awareness and encouragement. Below is a comparison of coaching with others
development methods and support/guidance forms.

  • In consulting the information and answers are with the consultant, in coaching the wisdom lies in the coachee herself/himself.
  • In mentoring the more experienced one shares his knowledge with the one being helped, the mentor is often an expert on the subject being discussed. In coaching, the Coach does not share his experiences, and knowledge of the subject is not essential.
  • Training is a single situation or a series of events in which pre-defined information contents are practiced or learned. Coaching is a long-term collaborative relationship that supports the coachee to achieve their goals.
  • Work supervision focuses more on examining the current situation, while coaching is oriented towards the future and possibilities.
  • Sparring is a familiar term from the sports world, where it means a training opponent. In business, sparring means
    “challenging” exchange of ideas, customer solution-oriented advice and guidance.

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