Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision is a profound form of learning and development for coaches and facilitators based on their interaction. Its purpose is to support and enhance the coach’s professional skills and practice comprehensively. In Coaching Supervision, the coach’s own experiences as a coach are discussed with a Supervisor, fostering learning and development through a systemic approach and reflective practice.

Coaching Supervision

Where would you like to develop as a coach? In which situations do you need professional support? What are your blind spots?

Participation fee & registration

Continuous enrollment for Coaching Supervision, welcome aboard! Participation fee: Coaching Supervision in a group: €1750 + VAT 24% Personal Coaching Supervision: €3500 + VAT 24%

In brief

Next training

Continuous enrollment, welcome!

The duration of the training

Duration: 2-3 months
Number of coaching sessions: 5
Training is conducted as individual or group sessions.

Participation fee

1750 € + VAT. 24% (group) / 3500 € + VAT. 24% (personal)

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