International Certification System

To verify coaching expertise and professionalism, international systems have been established to authenticate factors such as a coach’s educational background, experience, and commitment to professional development.

BCI engages in continuous collaboration with the world’s largest coaching industry organization, International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European European Mentoring & Coaching Councilin (EMCC). Both have defined the core competencies and ethical guidelines for the coaching field.

International certification systems help aspiring coaches assess the quality of coach training, and organizations purchasing services can verify a coach’s competence and qualifications. Participating in internationally accredited coach training ensures that a coach possesses the core skills and ethical guidelines defined for the profession.

BCI’s certification programs, Certified Business Coach® and Certified Business Coach Master®, together form a two-part training program, each part with its own set of requirements leading to certification International Coach Federation (ICF). For the program series, an esteemed European quality award, EQA, has also been granted, awarded by the European coaching organization EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). EQA (European Quality Award) is recognition of the program’s high quality and adherence to European standards in coaching education European Mentoring & Coaching Council, EMCC.

Certifications for coaches

The Certified Business Coach Master® training program series holds an ACTP accreditation granted by ICF, meeting high-quality and content standards. ACTP accreditation refers to an ‘All Inclusive’ program, encompassing all the areas required for international certification at ACC and PCC certification levels.

  • The successful completion of the first part of the training series, Certified Business Coach®, leads to the national certification awarded by BCI Business Coaching Institute. It also qualifies individuals, in terms of training hours, to apply for ACC certification within the ICF system and Foundation Individual Accreditation (EIA) within the EMCC system.
  • The successful completion of the second part of the program series, Certified Business Coach Master®, leads to the national certification awarded by BCI Business Coaching Institute. It also qualifies individuals to apply for ACC and PCC certification within the ICF system and Practitioner-level individual accreditation within the EMCC system.
  • By participating in the entire ACTP program, applying for international ICF certification is possible with the certificate we provide. The program covers all ACC and PCC-level components, excluding the coaching experience requirement (ACC=100 hours, PCC=500 hours).

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