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BCI is Finland’s leading coaching training and development community.

The Business Coaching Institute is the largest coaching trainer in Finland and an active community for the development of the field. We are known for our strong expertise and practical training programs that result in real changes. The BCI network includes some of the best coaches in the country, offering solid experience, deep knowledge, and wisdom of the heart. Our purpose is to create positive change in the working life.

BCI is a pioneer in the coaching field in Finland. As forerunners, we have been developing coaching, leadership, and a coaching-oriented organizational culture since 2006. Our activities are based on internationally certified training and common standards – adapted to the Finnish culture.

Ensuring the quality of our training is our priority: year after year, we aim to be the best coach trainer and the most influential expert in providing coaching skills. Our intention is to continuously evolve and renew.

We are grateful that our operations are expanding: we already operate in several locations and on international stages. The number of our training programs and the extent of our cooperation network are growing annually. This year, our training in organizations, open courses, events, and social projects will reach a total of over two thousand people.

In line with the focus of business coaching, our interest is in supporting the success and competitiveness of organizations. We have a strong understanding of business, and our training considers the complete picture and goals of the client organization. Our experience shows that real success always involves a healthy work community and motivated individuals. Results are generated when effective practices are combined with respectful encounters.

Coaching reveals and utilizes hidden potential.

Popular Business Coach Trainer

The core of BCI’s training is the Certified Business Coach (CBC)® program, which was offered for the first time in 2007. It was the first coaching training in Finland to receive the prestigious accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the global coaching organization. This foundational course for coaches has been regularly provided both as an open training and internally within organizations.
The CBC® remains a highly popular training program, and over a thousand certified business coaches have graduated from it. The program has also been conducted in the UK and the Baltics. The Certified Business Coach Master program is the first entirely Finnish and Finnish-language training program with ICF’s high-quality standards ACTP level accreditation.

In addition to certification training, BCI offers several other business coach training and coaching skills training in organizations and in social programs, such as the School-coaching project. We also host monthly webinars and expert events.

BCI’s network consists of true professionals in the training field. Our trainers are among Finland’s most experienced coaching skills experts, many of whom have been in the field for over ten years. They also have a strong business acumen.

Coaching towards a flourishing work life

BCI was founded in 2006 when Finland needed systematic coaching training that met international standards. Kaj Hellbom, BCI’s principal owner, is one of the company’s original founders.

From the beginning, BCI has been involved in building and developing the Finnish coaching industry and culture. We have trained over two thousand professional coaches and coached thousands of people in various organizations.

The dream of flourishing individuals and organizations through coaching skills is strong within us at BCI. We act as advocates for good leadership and respectful interaction.

We believe that through coaching skills, new leadership methods, and a focus on well-being, results and positive growth can be achieved.

We warmly welcome you to train with us!

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