Advanced Team Coaching Diploma (ATCD)

Advanced Team Coaching Diplomais an international advanced training program in coaching skills that offers modern tools, models, and perspectives for team coaching. The training is suitable for both coaches and professionals with basic coaching skills, including experts, supervisors, leaders, and team leaders. The training is conducted in English and can be completed flexibly through remote learning from anywhere in the world. The lead trainer for the program is Dr Paul Lawrence, an international expert in team coaching.

In brief- Advanced Team Coaching Dioploma

Duration of the training

The duration of the training is approximately 3 months. It consists of six remote training days (6 x 3 hours) and independent online studies.

Participation fee

Early Bird price: 1970€ + VAT (regular price 2190€ + VAT 24%) valid until June 30, 2024.

Next training


Training days:
– 23.10.2024
– 13.11.2024
– 20.11.2024
– 4.12.2024
– 15.1.2025
– 29.1.2025


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Developing team coaching skills is an investment that benefits both individuals and organizations.

Why are team coaching skills needed?

Effective teams are the foundation of growth, development, and a healthy company culture.

Team coaching skills help create more effective, innovative, and committed teams that can quickly respond to the rapidly changing challenges of the workplace. The need for and benefits of team coaching skills are significant for individuals, teams, and organizations alike.

  • Improving collaboration and communication:
    • Team coaching fosters openness and trust among team members, which enhances collaboration and communication
  • Increasing efficiency:
    • Well-led and coached teams can operate more efficiently and achieve their goals faster.
  • Promoting innovation:
    • Team coaching creates an environment where diverse ideas and perspectives can thrive, fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Increasing commitment and motivation:
    • Team coaching strengthens team members’ commitment and motivation, enhancing job satisfaction and reducing turnover.
  • Leveraging diversity:
    • Team coaching helps leverage the diversity within a team, leading to better decision-making and a competitive advantage.


Why Participate in the Advanced Team Coaching Program?

  • Expand your skills and expertise:
    • The training provides new tools and methods for utilizing coaching, particularly in team development
    • A diverse skill set helps you stand out in the competitive coaching market
  • Meet the growing demand:
    • Organizations recognize the benefits of team coaching and are seeking skilled team coaches to support their teams’ performance
    • Training in team coaching equips coaches to meet this growing demand effectively
  • Improve career opportunities:
    • Acquiring team coaching skills opens up new career opportunities
    • Team coaching expertise can be a crucial factor in career advancement and client acquisition
  • Promotes continuous professional development:
    • Team coaching training provides an opportunity for continuous professional growth and development
    • Stay up-to-date with industry best practices and the latest research findings

Training Structure and Content

The Training Includes:

– Impactful Practical Learning Process
– Comprehensive Research-Based Theory
– Diverse Coaching Materials and Online Learning Environment
– Small Group Work and Independent Study
– Personalized Team Coaching Plan

The program offers a solid package of knowledge, skills, and tools related to the following themes:

– What is Team Coaching
– Team Coaching as Part of the Organization and Systems Thinking
– Contracting
– 3P Framework for Building Your Team Coaching Model
– Dialogue and Interaction in Teams
– Building Trust
-Team Dynamics and Conflicts
– Practices, Models, Systems, and Stakeholder Management
– Hybrid and Diverse Teams



Training Schedule, Scope, and Duration

Duration of the Training 23.10.2024–29.1.2025
The training consists of six remote training days (6 x 3 hours) and independent online studies, including case work and practical exercises:

Training days:
– 23.10.2024
– 13.11.2024
– 20.11.2024
– 4.12.2024
– 15.1.2025
– 29.1.2025


The training has applied for accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for 18 CCE (Continuing Coach Education) units.

The training is suitable for:

Advanced Team Coaching Diploma program is suitable for coaches and professionals with coaching skills, including experts, leaders, and team managers, who seek knowledge, tools, and support for team development and effective team coaching.

The program is built around a clear, established framework, enabling participants to define their personal approach to team coaching.