Tuula Nurmiluoto

Director of Education, EMCC – EIA, ESIA, ICF – MCC, eMBA

Leadership I Board & Team Coaching I Supervision

Tuula Nurmiluoto
Coaching has become familiar to me through a sense of wonder and curiosity, always remembering to ask questions. I began my professional journey as a coach in 2001 with my first coaching training. BCI became familiar to me through the first CBC training in 2007. I also had the opportunity to teach future coaches in several courses.

My business background and experience have helped me hone my coaching skills, initially in my own leadership roles and later as a professional coach working with business leaders and now also with expert teams. In my coaching work, clients gain a thinking partner who focuses on the essentials and supports them in finding success, growth, and better competitiveness. Clients have described me as a challenger and a finder of the essential.

I have contributed to the development of professional coaching in Finland in many ways. I was involved with ICF Nordic before the establishment of ICF Finland. I played a significant role in building the domestic chapter and served as its board chairman in 2009. Coaching skills and competencies are at the core of interaction skills, which are very close to my heart in all communication. I have studied coaching at Fielding Graduate University’s Evidence-Based Coaching program in the USA. My most recent related training was at Oxford Brookes University Business School, which prepared me to work as a Coaching Supervisor.

I have promoted the visibility and awareness of coaching by writing articles for various publications. In 2016, Raija Heimonen and I published an e-book titled “Successful Project Communication – Ask, Listen, and Coach,” which discusses the use of coaching in project management. The print version was released in 2017.

Now, I have the pleasure of working with a diverse and skilled team of trainers and overseeing the EMCC accreditation and ICF certification processes for the programs at the Business Coaching Institute. I continue to invest in my own development potential, having graduated as a Solution-Focused Brief Therapist in 2022, alongside my ongoing studies in Team and Group Coaching Supervision.


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