Sini Rantama

Certified Business Coach Master®, PCC

Coaching skills trainer, business coach,  mentor coach

I am a business coach and coaching skills trainer interested in workplace interaction issues. Before founding my own coaching business in 2013, I accumulated over 15 years of experience in the financial sector, where I worked as a lawyer, in supervisory positions, and as a staff coach.

Thanks to my diverse work experience, I have valuable practical experience in how acting as a coaching supervisor can help a work community develop and achieve its goals in the best possible way. In particular, coaching supervisors is close to my heart, as good leadership is significantly important from the perspective of workplace well-being.

In the field of coaching, I also work closely with occupational health care providers: employer-funded personal well-being coaching achieves many benefits from both the employee’s and employer’s perspectives. Coaching helps everyone find the best practices that support holistic well-being in the long term.

The ultimate starting point of acting as a coach is to make people feel more comfortable in their own skin: coaching helps become more aware of one’s strengths and the values guiding their actions. For example, developing in supervisory work takes on a new impetus as self-awareness grows through the coaching process.

My educational background is a Master of Laws and Associate Judge. In addition, I have also trained as a solution-focused workplace mediator at the Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute. The path towards smoother cooperation within the workplace opens up when even challenging conflict situations are resolved by discussing matters openly under the guidance of a mediator working with a coaching approach.

The best insights in my work have been made thanks to business coaching. Therefore, spreading the good news of coaching as widely as possible by training new coaches is a particularly pleasant task for me, and the enthusiasm for the significance of the topic is conveyed through my trainings.


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