Marianne Hemminki

Certified Business Coach Master®, ACC, M.Ed, M.Phil

Coaching skills trainer, Business coach, corporate training

My background is in behavioral sciences (M.Ed.), and I am deeply interested in human development and transformation. The best part of coaching for me is witnessing the moment of insight in others, and it has been a joy to see how much my clients benefit from coaching.

I have been coaching organizations for nearly 20 years. My strength lies in my extensive knowledge of various industries, from manufacturing to service sectors, as well as my personal experience in development within organizations. I have work experience in both the public and private sectors, having served as a development consultant, training manager, and internal coach. I have hundreds of hours of experience coaching supervisors and experts. Additionally, I have conducted dozens of group coaching processes for supervisors. The most typical themes of group coaching have been supporting self-directed teams and guiding one’s leadership towards a more coaching approach. I have a strong pedagogical background, which helps me design and implement impactful group processes that support learning, characterized by practicality and an energizing atmosphere.

I have been professionally coaching since 2016 through my own company and various networks. My clients describe me as an active listener, a clear communicator, and someone who asks bold questions. I support and challenge you to gain insights and find the best ways of thinking and acting, as well as concrete actions to achieve your goals. As a person, I am energetic and approachable.

My mission is to help people strengthen their own capacity and increase their ability to see opportunities instead of obstacles. There is more in each of us than what is visible on the surface. I aim to build organizations where potential can be realized, and capabilities can grow.

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