Hedy Kapri

Certified Business Coach Master, PCC, Social Psychologist (M.Soc.Sc.)

Coaching skills trainer, business coach,  mentor coach

BCI Hedy Kapri

I am a perceptive and present coach and trainer, with the ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter. My goal is to create well-being for people and work communities, enabling them to perform authentically and in alignment with their values, successfully and productively.

I aim to promote a better working life through my work. I believe in the power of coaching and a coaching approach! These are essential skills in today’s working life, beneficial to everyone regardless of their position or role.

My interest in people, social phenomena, and cultures has guided me in both my studies and career. In essence, my professional red thread is human understanding and its application in development.

I hold a Master of Social Sciences (M.Soc.Sc.) in Social Psychology, with a broad minor in Anthropology. I have over 15 years of experience in business, leadership, and personnel development, having worked as a management consultant, project manager, research manager, and coach with a coaching approach. My special expertise lies in utilizing ethnographic research methods in development work. Currently, I work as a business and career coach, workplace collaboration trainer, and coaching skills trainer. Additionally, I have been an entrepreneur in the import and sales of neurosurgical hospital supplies since 2013.

As a trainer of coaching skills, I constantly draw from my diverse and extensive personal coaching experience. I have been actively engaged in practical coaching work since 2011 in various coaching roles: as an internal coach within organizations, an external coach, and a coaching entrepreneur. Additionally, I have been training coaching skills for over 5 years.

Based on the feedback I have received, I am an inspiring and energizing trainer and coach. I pay attention to the individual needs of participants and excel at creating a safe and encouraging learning environment. My strength lies in my practical and concrete approach.

With gentle firmness, I help you develop as a coach, a coaching supervisor, and a leader!
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