Embrace the Future: How to use AI to Upscale Your Coaching Skills and Coaching Business

25.10.2023 klo:9.30-11.00 Rebecca Rutschmann Co-Founder & CPO evoach Certified Business-Coach PCC (ICF) & Senior Practicioner (EMCC)

Join us for a forward-thinking webinar focusing on unveiling how generative AI works, and how it can be applied in the future coaching landscape. We will discuss and demonstrate how this progressive technology can be utilized to enrich your coaching sessions, bringing unique value to your clientele and making your practice more efficient and impactful. Furthermore, you’ll discover how AI can dramatically speed up the upskilling process, helping you add new dimensions to your coaching skills quickly and effectively.  

Welcome to dive deep into the world of AI and coaching with the leading expert on the subject, Rebecca Rutschmann. In this webinar, we will provide an in-depth overview of AI and its possibilities from a coaching perspective. We will explore how AI can help coaches enhance and improve their coaching processes and, on the other hand, develop their coaching skills to the next level. The webinar will bring together the latest knowledge from around the world, offer a practical demonstration of using AI in coaching, and gather those interested in the topic.

The webinar expert, Rebecca Rutschmann, is a specialist in AI and digital customer experience, a professional coach, and the founder of the AI-driven startup https://www.evoach.com/. She consults organizations and professional coaches worldwide on leveraging AI. She is a well-regarded and respected speaker and works closely with the international coaching organization EMCC.

The webinar will be held in English.

Expert Information:

Rebecca Rutschmann is a coaching tech & AI entrepreneur, communications specialist & certified business-coach and an expert in creating outstanding digital and intelligent user experiences. Her mission: to fully liberalize coaching by creating an intelligent, digital and gamified AI chatbot experience  in helping coaches and their clients reaching their full potential.