AI & The Future of Coaching – A Panel Discussion with Rebecca Rutscmann & Olivier Malafronte

18th June 2024 at 9.30-10.30 AM (EET/ Helsinki) – ZOOM

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How will AI transform the coaching profession and coaching in the future?
What are the skills and competencies we as human coaches need to survive in this business?
Join us in this forward thinking webinar to hear how two international AI Coaching professionals Rebecca Rutshmann and Olivier Malafronte see the future of coaching.

Our last webinar of spring 2024 dives deep into artificial intelligence and creates an overview of the future of coaching.

Come along to hear, ask, discuss and be inspired.

The webinar will be held in English. Recording available for registered users.

Rebecca Rutschmann 

Rebecca Rutschmann is a coaching tech & AI entrepreneur, communications specialist & certified business-coach and an expert in creating outstanding digital and intelligent user experiences. She is the founder of evoach, an AI coaching companion platform and creator of AI Coach Alpina, fully running on generative AI since early March 2023 with the launch of OpenAIs API.  

Rebecca Rutschmann on LinkedIn

Olivier Malafronte

Olivier Malafronte is a certified coach, an AI coaching pioneer and a researcher on the topic working with organizations to create and share knowledge about how AI and Coaching can transform people’s skills and organizations; from managers, to leaders, coaches or students. He was the founder of PocketConfidant, a virtual coach powered by artificial intelligence and has recently founded Rypple.ai, an AI coaching platform for leaders’ development. 

Olivier Malafronte on LinkedIn