AI DEMO + Coaching Lab with Rebecca Rutschmann

19.4.2024 10.00-12.00 AM (EET) Rebecca Rutschmann Co-Founder & CPO evoach PCC (ICF) & Senior Practicioner (EMCC)

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To celebrate the succesfull launch of AI Coaching Diploma -program, we want to invite you to an open AI DEMO + Coaching Lab with Rebecca Rutschmann and AI Coach Bot Alpina.

BCI offers a unique opportunity to watch a live coaching session between AI coach Alpina and a human, to discuss the possibilities of AI in coaching with the international expert Rebecca Rutschmann, as well as to test AIpina personally. This two-hour international Coaching Lab consists of a brief introduction, a coaching demo (approx. 20min), a mid-discussion, independent work with the AI coach, and a joint reflection, questions, and discussions.

The event is open to all and will be held in English. Please note that the AI coach Alpina operates in English only.

Rebecca Rutschmann 
Rebecca Rutschmann is a coaching tech & AI entrepreneur, communications specialist & certified business-coach and an expert in creating outstanding digital and intelligent user experiences. Her mission: to fully liberalize coaching by creating an intelligent, digital and gamified AI chatbot experience  in helping coaches and their clients reaching their full potential.